The play's single set is the dingy press room of Chicago's Criminal Courts Building, overlooking the gallows behind the Cook County Jail. Reporters from most of the city's newspapers are passing the time with poker and pungent wisecracks about the news of the day. Soon they will witness the hanging of Earl Williams, a white man and supposed Communist revolutionary convicted of killing a black policeman. Hildy Johnson, cocky star reporter for the Examiner, is late. He appears only to say good-bye; he is quitting to get a respectable job and be married. Suddenly the reporters hear that Earl Williams has escaped from the jail. All but Hildy stampede out for more information. As Hildy tries to decide how to react, Williams comes in through the window. He tells Hildy he is no revolutionary, and that he shot the police officer by accident. The reporter realizes this bewildered, harmless little man was railroaded — just to help the crooked mayor and sheriff pick up enough black votes to win re-election. It is the story of a lifetime. Hildy helps Williams hide inside a roll-top desk. His daunting challenge now is to get Williams out of the building to a safe place for an interview before rival reporters or trigger-happy policemen discover him. Hildy has no choice but to ask for help from Walter Burns, managing editor of the Examiner — a devious tyrant who would do just about anything to keep Hildy with the newspaper.


Fri, Nov 2 @ 7pm
Sat, Nov 3 @ 2pm
Sun,Nov 4 @ 7pm
Fri, Nov 9 @ 7pm
Sat, Nov 10 @ 7pm
Sun,Nov 11 @ 7pm


Hildy Johnson - Bud Kalbaugh
Walter Burns - David Hejmanowski
Peggy Grant - Cat Hodge
Mrs. Grant - Melody Long
Mollie Malloy - Laurie Laporta
Earl Williams - Chris Chidester
Sheriff Hartman - Mike Wintering
Woodenshoes Eichorn - Mark Price
Mayor Cornelius Blatt - John Miller


Diamond Lou - Warren Hart
Bensinger - Brian White
Murphy - Monte
Schwartz - Ken Schwartz
Wilson - Annette Schwatz
McCue - Brian Smith
Mrs. Schlosser -
Mr. Pincus - Antoinette Miller